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Top 5 Trends in Home Décor and Furniture 2015

The year 2015 is promising to bring a fresh approach to interior design. We are redefining how we think about and utilize our furniture and design elements. Here are some of the top trends in Home Décor and how you can easily apply them in your own homes:

1 . Creative Recycling

This new trend is all about using items that were designed for a particular purpose in an originally unintended but timely and functional way. It can be using wooden milk crates as bookshelves, or converting a found piece of railway wood into a side table.

One way to get started in your space is to identify colour or texture that is your theme and scout for items that fit it. For example, if you have a lot of metal and chrome in your open space, maybe you can find some burnished aluminum tins and put your kitchen utensils in them, or a weathered metal sign with retro writing that will bring a new focal point to the space.

Thinking about colour and texture first will keep you open to new ideas everywhere you go.

2. Versatility in Furniture Design

There are two different aspects to this concept. One is to work with furniture and decor pieces that can be successfully integrated into a space that has a contrasting theme. For example, in a French Country room one can place a 1970’s piece as a focal point. The versatility of the classic to adapt and work in a room, is the key aspect of this trend.

The second faced of versatility in furniture which is increasingly explored by current designers is the “convertible usage” aspect of it.

As more of us move into small spaces and condos, it is becoming increasingly interesting to live with furniture that can adapt to many functions. Coffee tables that can be used as chairs, slide-out counters, sofa-beds and sofa-chairs are all great examples of clever versatility.

To make the most of a small space, evaluate the function of each major piece. Is it doing enough? Do you need more out of it? If yes, don’t be afraid to make your furniture become more versatile.

3. Classic / Traditional

IMG_1405 We are in love with the classic design again. Pieces that have been around for decades, such as a drum tables, chippendale design, or mission pieces are great classic options.

If this appeals to you, keep a watch for new arrivals in consignment stores, church sales, and private content sales (those are usually listed in newspapers).


4. Retro

IMG_1404 The term Retro refers to any piece or furniture and decor element that goes back in time that is not an antique, so anything from 1960s-1990’s. Modern furniture circa 1970 with sleek lines and angular futuristic shapes has weaved its way back to us once again. It’s best to shop consignment for pieces that are authentic and that can be sourced while getting a great deal.

You can easily integrate retro pieces into your space, providing that you pay a bit of attention to how you balance the overall theme.

5. Ethnic Pattern Decorations

Beautiful culturally inspired patterns are back. Think pillows, throws, couches and accents.

Always be on the lookout for what truly appeals to you. Is it colour? Is it texture? Shape? Once you see something that grabs your attention fearlessly bring it home to enjoy.

The most important aspect of these five trends is that combining new with old is key. Fusion of styles in one space is the contemporary statement of 2015. If you feel unsure about how to do this successfully, feel free to visit Elle & Eve and bring photos of your space. We will be happy to talk with you.



*All photos are from Arlene Maislin’s beautiful home. Arlene is one of our Elle & Eve consignment experts.

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