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Frequently Asked Questions

Selling your items

What kind of item can I sell?

Our customers purchase a range of unique and interesting items used to create beautiful and functional homes with character.

Items need to be good quality, and good condition.

These items items include furniture, and small items such as clocks, lamps, outdoor and indoor decorations and book stands are also welcome.

We have a great appreciation for unusual and unique things that are not easily found in other places.

If you are unsure about your item, just send it in and our team of experts will let you know if we can sell your item for you.

What items do not sell?

At this time we do not sell:

  • Electronics
  • Damaged items
  • Area rugs


Item Pick Up

Can you pick up my stuff?

Yes, providing that:

1. Items are larger then what can fit in your car

2. Your items have been approved by our experts, either through email or in person

3. Your items are worth more then $2,000 in gross sales according to our expert appraisal.

How many items can your trucks pick up?

There is no limit on the amount of items, providing that they have been approved by our experts.

Do you have a house full of things? No problem.

Item delivery

Do you deliver?

We deliver for a fee of $80.

Your delivery fee must be processed at the time of your purchase.

What is your delivery area?

We deliver to different areas within the GTA on the following schedule:

Mondays: North York

Tuesdays: Etobicoke

Wednesday: Scarborough

Thursdays: Downtown