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5 Reasons Why Consigning Your Furniture and Home Decor is Good For You

What? Too Many Things? We Can Help!

We are all aware of how having too many items and not enough space is bad for us. Here are 5 fantastic reasons to purge and reinvent yourself in 2015!

1. Your Space Will Be Tidier!

Do you remember how wonderful and spacious your apartment was when you first moved in? Or when you first moved out of your parent’s place and all you owned was a cardboard box with books in it? Wasn’t it wonderful? Yes. It was also so much easier to organize and keep clean. Look around and see how many various items have crept in over the years to take over your living space. Now you have to dust them, shuffle them around to get through to the items you actually use, maybe even trip over them (I heard that happens in some households). Imagine the space you would have in your home without them and how liberating that will be.

2. Are You Hanging On To Items Or Memories?

Do you have old gifts standing on your shelves? Are you hanging on to curtains from your first home, pillows from your dorm room, your mother’s left shoe? Memories are precious, and there are many ways to hang on to them and honour them without actually keeping the item that conjures them in your mind. You can:

Framed Memories
  • Take photos of the item, and keep it in a special folder on your laptop (and back them up on a reliable online server)
  • Create a scrapbook of memory textures (eg. take “sample” bits of the items you are cherishing). You can create a diagram with description, or write a poem and stick it in as well.
  • Create a “Era Box”, and allow yourself only the space inside that box for physical items. Perhaps each 10 years of your life can have one Era Box, and that’s it.
  • If you have too many photos, you can merge them into framed memories (
  • Frame the most special keepsakes. If it’s worth keeping – maybe it’s worth framing? The important thing here is that instead of keeping an entire army of keepsakes, you select the few that capture it all.

Bottom line: look at each one of your suspect items and face whether you have it for what it is, or for what it makes you remember.

3. Obviously: Extra Cash

Consigning things and having them sold brings in cash. Nothing more needs to be added to that.

4. The Philosophy of Reusing

We all care about the environment and baby penguins. But what are we doing about it in concrete ways?

The easiest action we can take is to change how we think. Re-evaluate how much we buy, what our reasons are, and what material things are bringing into our lives.

Consign the items you are not using so that others can love them.

And while you visit Elle & Eve to consign the items you don’t need, maybe you will find something you thought of purchasing new, but now you don’t have to. Good. You will get a great find, and you are putting your dollars into what you stand for: valuing what we have!

5. Use Your Home As Dream Space

If you feel like your life has areas that can use improvement, you can use your home as a canvas to “draw” in the changes. Our goals and dreams benefit from changing the visuals of our space. Letting go of items that no longer reflect our current mind space is therapeutic.

For example, if you wish friends came to visit you more often, get very comfy seating, welcoming entrance pieces, and interesting finds on your book shelves that will stimulate conversations. On a subconscious level, you will be more likely to organize get togethers if you know your home is lovely.

If you have academic dreams, how about starting a collection of old compasses that will make you feel like a professor at Oxford? (Yes, you still have to study)

Or what if you feel a sense of being overwhelmed? Clear your space, and try out furniture from 1970’s with clean sleek lines that will make you feel steady and calm.

The possibilities are as diverse as each individual, so today take the courage to really look at your living space, and let go of things that no longer fit.

For good reasons.

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